Only one week left before Spain! This fall have been all about comps. Since the summer I have not been able to climb as much on rock as I have wanted to. Therefore I am very exited to finally climb on rock again, and to escape the Christmas madness. I have not been home on a Christmas since I was 13 years. Before, when I had school, Christmas and New Year was one of the few times I could go on climbing trips. So now it has become kind of a tradition. Besides, I cant stand Christmas anyway. Maybe I will learn to appreciate Christmas as I get older, but I doubt it. In only one week from now I will be back in my element. This time on spanish rock. But before that I have to take part in the Nordic Championship in Denmark. I really hope the Danish federation can step it up a notch. The Nordic Boulder Championship in Lillehammer, really proved that it is possible to make climbing competitions fun. Unlike Nordic competitions in the past, reminding me more of gymnastics during communist Russia. Have fun..