Nordic flower is sent and done! Have had some wet and cold days in Flatanger, however the cave has stayed dry, except for a few places where the water seeps through.

Tried the first 1/3 of the route one time in May on my first visit. This trip I only went through it one time to put chalk on the holds and fix the draws. Next try I surprised myself by sending the first part, without even trying the last part (my rope wasn’t long enough). Next try I did the whole thing. I’m not sure about the 9a grade, but on such a beautiful route I don’t thing the grade even matters. Without doubt the most beautiful route I have ever done!

I also tried my project today, and I did the only move I hadn’t done. That means next year I can start trying to link it. Though I have done all the moves it feels like I’m miles away from actually doing it.