Just got back to Switzerland from a wet event in Norway. Great fun! Before going I was a little worried about the cold water, and falling without control from 12 meters. Luckily I didn’t fall. However though I topped I had to jump in the cold water for the show. It all went down in one day (saturday). Two qualifying routes and one final route in the evening.
Climbing was a lot of fun. A new experience! On both our qualifiers we got big moves. One of which was a double dyno. The final route was around 8a+ and I felt pretty confortable climbing it. A double dyno half way up, then endurance-climbing to the top. The men climbed around 11 o’clock, followed by a spotlight. When falling in the water we were picked up by a water-scooters and brought straight to a jacuzzi from where we could watch the other climbers climb.

I hope for many more of these comps in the future!

Hopefully I will get some pictures to post here soon…