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Best Backpacks for Hiking in 2021 Review

Today’s outdoor adventurer is looking for equipment that will give them the support and supplies they need to make their backpacking and hiking experience enjoyable and fun. Here is my review of the best backpacks in 2020 that will help meet that requirement.

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Best Hiking Backpacks Rated by Hikers for 2018

Best Hiking Backpacks 2018 Buying the wrong type of hiking backpack for your trip can totally ruin your experience in a number of ways.  You can end up short on supplies, the pack may be too heavy, or it’s not weather appropriate and all your belongings will get wet and damaged, or it’s too hot […]

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Hiking Food That Will Keep You Energized

Do you have a camping or hiking trip coming up? Planning out your hiking food is important, and there’s more to it than just grabbing a few granola bars and water. Follow these food tips for hiking meal planning to ensure you have safe and nourishing food that will keep you energized during your outdoor adventure. […]

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