All You Need To Know About The Different Osprey Backpack Models

Models of Osprey Backpacks

In 1974 in California, United States, Mike Pfotenhauer opened the first Osprey backpack store and begun what would turn out to be a revolution in adventurers’ packing companions across the globe. Up to this point, there had been nothing as effective in meeting a traveler’s packing needs for durability, convenience, and overall comfort. Since that time, Osprey has been known as being the ideal backpack if you are looking for a quality item that is efficient, comfortable, and can be used several times over. This article will provide information on the Osprey company and the different models that can be found at Osprey.

What Is Osprey?

Osprey began as a producer of hiking backpacks, and while this continues to be their primary focus the company has expanded to travel packs with some smaller use bags. While the layman would consider Osprey to be a company offering backpacks for outdoor traveling exclusively such as the Aether and Atmon, this is not necessarily true. The line of the packs provided at Osprey is highly unique and diverse with the organization offering different “series” in categories. The bags share features and functionalities, but they are used for several applications including traveling, gear hauling, and daily use.

In addition to the high-quality development of the Osprey bags, Osprey has a good reputation because of their warranty feature. Osprey offers an “all mighty guarantee” as part of their dedication to protect their users and the environment. The company is so sure of their backpacks’ durability that they ensure a user repairs or replacement for the entirety of the purchase if the Osprey bag is registered with the company. This means that the warranty is not time-limited.

What Are The Different Osprey Backpack Models?

1. The Common Features

All Osprey backpacks present with distinct features that set them apart from other competitors. One of these is the shoulder strap with hip belt pockets on either side of the bag. This is a feature found on the majority of the models and, while it is considered a small and pointless element, can be highly beneficial. It assists in holding smaller items, such as a cell phone, camera, keys, or GPS device.

Since staying hydrated while hiking is extremely important, the second common feature among the different models is hydration compatibility. Hydration compatibility refers to the area where one can place a water bottle which is vital for extended travel. The hydration compartment of an Osprey backpack is located externally. This means that it is found between the main compartment of the bag and the panel making it easier to reach.

2. The Different Models

Osprey has created models to suit both females and males separately. This is highly beneficial as it accommodates for the different gender-based strengths and abilities. For example, a woman will hold a backpack in a different way to a male because of their build; as well as being able to hold a limited weight as compared to a man. The female-based Osprey category is known as the Fairview category, and the male-based Osprey category is known as the Farpoint category.

The Farpoint category presents with four different models ranging in price from £100 to £150. The models are known as the Farpoint 40, the Farpoint 55, the Farpoint 70, and the Farpoint 80. The number noted after the term “Farpoint” indicates the weight limit available for the backpack; for example, the Farpoint 40 has a maximum weight level of 40 kg. Furthermore, the higher the number, the more significant and heavier the size of the backpack; for example, the Farpoint 40 is much smaller and lighter than the Farpoint 80.

All of the Farpoint backpacks present with a diamond ripstop and are made from nylon fabric. It is only the Farpoint 55 and the Farpoint 70 that have daypack options. This makes these two options most popular among travelers.

The Fairview category presents with three different models ranging in price from £100 to £140. The models include the Fairview 40, the Fairview 55, and the Fairview 70. As with the males, the weight limit is noted by the number and the higher the number, the more massive and larger the backpack. For example, the Fairview 70 is much larger, lighter, and can hold more than the Fairview 40.

All Fairview backpacks present are created using nylon materials and have a diamond ripstop, but it is only the Fairview 55 and Fairview 70 that have a daypack.